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Goldrush Genetics - Trusted by Cattlemen for Carcass Traits

The true value of the beef that you raise lies in the quality of the carcass produced at harvest.—University of Illinois.


The beef industry is experiencing dramatic change in its marketing structure. More finished cattle are being sold on a carcass-value basis through some-agreed-upon carcass grid. More cow/calf operators are retaining ownership longer in the calves they produce. New production/marketing alliances are attracting cattle with predictable feedlot and carcass performance. . .The next five to 10 years will bring even more shifts in how business is conducted. A recent prediction suggested that, within five years, more than 50% of our calves will be directed toward a particular targeted beef product. . .The data clearly demonstrates the impact of carcass merit upon profitability.—Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.


Cowman Don Jirsa’s Experience

Commercial cow/calf producer Don Jirsa of Milford, Neb., is keenly aware of his responsibility to raise calves that produce carcasses that will result in a satisfying eating experience for consumers. But Jirsa also wants cattle that have marketability and will perform and make him money on the farm and in the feedyard. As such, he seeks genetics that help him achieve this multi-faceted goal. His Gelbvieh genetics source: Goldrush Genetics.

“A friend referred me to Mike Hynek and Goldrush Genetics more than five years ago, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results of my purchases,” Jirsa tells. “I initially went seeking moderate-sized animals with very good temperament from a program that focused on carcass traits. And that is exactly what Goldrush Genetics gives me year after year.    “It’s his cows, herdsires and trait emphasis that makes his program work. Mike does an excellent job of managing his cattle. He knows that carcass traits must be emphasized or we cow/calf producers may one day be out of business. We must keep the end product in mind.”


Jirsa sells on the grid, collects data on his cattle and knows that the bulls from Goldrush Genetics females are working and producing profitable calves that perform and grade. In 2002 and 2003, Goldrush bulls sired about 70% of his steer calves. The average daily gain of his 2002 steers was an impressive 3.53 lbs., with dry matter conversion at 5.83. Of this group, 74% graded Choice and 97% were Yield Grades 2 and 3. His 2003 steers had an ADG of 3.37 lbs. and a dry matter conversion of 6.06. Of this group, 75% graded Choice and 92% were Yield Grade 2 and 3.

 “I trust Mike and his cattle,” Jirsa tells.


Producer Jerry Glaser

“It’s difficult to find a seedstock producer whose program is all encompassing—one where birth weights are low, weaning weights are high and carcass traits are emphasized. But the Goldrush Genetics program is evidence that you can have this unique combination in one animal,” states Jerry Glaser of Spalding, Neb.


Glaser, a commercial cow/calf producer who sells 100% of his cattle on a value-based system, turned to Goldrush Genetics in 1998 after talking to a packer who suggested he switch to Gelbvieh bulls on his black and black baldie females. Glaser knew, however, that he couldn’t just interject any Gelbvieh blood into his herd. He wanted Gelbvieh from a program that stressed a multitude of important economic traits.


“Mike Hynek was integrating carcass traits into his program long before other breeders realized the necessity. He has a very progressive program,” Glaser states. “His dedication to keeping birth weights down while having tremendous weaning weights, adding in the carcass traits to the mix and producing animals with excellent disposition and structural soundness benefits me, the customer. I also appreciate the reliable, accurate data behind his animals.    

“Plus Mike gives first-class customer service. He identifies with his customers and does everything in his power to help us.”



"Achieving the optimum balance of traits, especially considering the powerful impact of reproduction and production traits on ranch profitability, isn’t easy but it is possible," states Mike Hynek. “I am aware of genetic antagonisms between traits and recognize that some genes have multiple effects and that change does not occur in a vacuum.

“It’s all a balancing act, but an act that is worth the effort. Reproduction and growth traits are not sacrificed for carcass traits and vice versa. The proof is our cowherd, its performance records and the results achieved by our customers.”



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