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Quality Gelbvieh, Balancer, Angus, and Red Angus Bulls are found at Goldrush Genetics.  We maintain one of the most comprehensive breeding programs in the industry.  More than 90% of our calf crop every year is the result of A.I. from more than 20 of the best sires in the Gelbvieh, Angus, and Red Angus breeds.  Every cow is strategically mated to the best sires in the breed.  Because we use proven genetics with high accuracies, genetics from Goldrush are much more predictable.  We invite you to come Discover the Difference that Goldrush Genetics can make for you!


Since my herd dispersal in 2008 I have been working with a few select breeders with my genetics to keep up the total genetic package we spent over 20 years developing.  Bar IV Livestock in Cold Springs, KY have a few select cows which I own and they run on shares for me, together we have a group of bulls to offer this year which are quite outstanding.  To start off with, they are all fall born calves and will be 18 months old (or older) by spring breeding season. The added maturity lets them cover more cows and have less injuries too.

They have been bred for calving ease, growth and outstanding carcass genetics, and the maternal side of Gelbvieh goes without saying!   Over the years the Gelbvieh Assoc. have changed where the EPD’s values are calculated and well as the values themselves.  The milk for example does not give you a real value for milk anymore, it is more a value on daughters weaning weight  than milk itself. It was always a subjective EPD’s but now it becomes more confusing.  The cows in this herd are somewhere between average to heavy milkers, yet many have lower milk EPD’s.  Bottom line, don’t worry about these bulls taking real milk out of their daughters. (they are bred to perform or bred to put money in your pocket )

The ET calves are out the famous F42, the dam of Bar IV’s herdsire “Levi” and “Goldrush Visa”, which was in the top 2 bulls in the breed for registrations for over 6 years and still in the top 12 today! These ET calves are at the ranch in Guide Rock and the rest of the bulls are in KY. If you select any bulls Barry will bring them out to Nebraska in April or May. As always, a sight unseen purchase is guaranteed, if you don’t like the bull you don’t own him!!

                Just a little update, since dispersing the herd I have started Hynek Construction, LLC We sell and build grain bins and grain bin equipment. My dad was in this business for over 40 years and I have picked up where he left off.  The last few years have been very busy with grain bins, both large and small (and  just a touch of herd consulting ). If I can be of any service to you in  these areas, please feel free to call.

Sincerely, Mike Hynek

P.S.  We are still selling Goldrush Genetics semen also.  Click here to view our semen sires and give us a call to access the finest Gelbvieh Genetics available!

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DNA Technology Made Simple
Goldrush Genetics has asked Rick Pfortmiller, our IGENITY Representative, to provide some insight into DNA testing and how you can incorporate this additional information into your selection methods.   Click here to read the entire article....

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We often advertise in Gelbvieh World magazine and other publications.  We invite you to view our latest ads and see what Goldrush Genetics has to offer.  As always, call us any time if you have any questions about how Goldrush Genetics can serve your cattle needs.  Click here for all the ads.....

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Goldrush Genetics - Trusted by Cattlemen for Carcass Traits
"The true value of the beef that you raise lies in the quality of the carcass produced at harvest."—University of Illinois.  The beef industry is experiencing dramatic change in its marketing structure. More finished cattle are being sold on a carcass-value basis through some-agreed-upon carcass grid....  Read entire article on Carcass Traits of Goldrush Cattle

When a friend told commercial cattleman Daryl Schrier of Cumberland, Iowa, about a Nebraska Gelbvieh breeder who had super cattle and was DNA testing, Schrier listened with interest and followed up by checking out the breeder’s cowherd....  Read Daryl's entire testimony

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“You have the whole ball of wax handed to you when you purchase Goldrush Genetics,” states Duane Hilyard.... Read Duane's entire testimony

Here on our beautiful South Central Nebraska Ranch, we produce cattle that have the traits necessary to flourish in an ever changing world, where profit is the key to continued success.  We produce Gelbvieh, Angus, Red Angus and composites of each to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.  Click here to tour our Ranch.

Steers and heifers out of Goldrush Bulls did very well at Nebraska County Fairs!    Click here for more details and other Goldrush Awards.

"We sell cattle on the grid and Goldrush bulls produce profitable calves.  In 2002, our steers posted a 3.53 ADG and a 5.83 dry matter conversion.  They also graded 74% Choice and 97% Yield Grade 2's or 3's.  The 2003 steers had a 3.37 posted ADG and a 6.06 dry matter conversion with 75% Choice and 92% YG 2's and 3's."  Don Jirsa, Milford NE

"Mike Hynek was integrating carcass traits into his program long before other breeders realized the necessity.  This dedication to keeping birth weight down while having tremendous weaning weights, adding in the carcass traits to the mix with a structurally sound animal benefits me, the customer."  Jerry Glaser, Spalding, NE

Goldrush Genetics is a member of the American Gelbvieh Association.  Visit the American Gelbvieh Association Web Site

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