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At Goldrush Genetics we could use a lot of adjectives to describe our program. However, one simple statement will suffice, "Gelbvieh Cattle of the Highest Quality." Our goal is to improve our cattle through careful analyzation and mating selections each breeding season. Not only phenotypically, which is of utmost importance in any breeding program, but also through improving each animal's genetics and performance. Our goal is to give each animal the tools necessary to produce progeny better than themselves.  It is because of this philosophy that we are still in business today.  Our success has been documented, but we will not rest or be satisfied with the past. This is a competitive business and the competition only continues to get stronger.

Black or red cattle—it really doesn't matter to us, we have always produced both and will continue to do so. Quality is what does matter. We don't limit ourselves to any one particular trait. That is not our goal. We want to have available whatever our customer desires. Whether homozygous black, black, red, homozygous polled, polled or horned, we have it all. We have the genetics, pedigrees, phenotype, performance and color you desire.  Come by or give us a call, let us tell you about our program. We believe in our program and think you will too!


Our ranch is located north of Guide Rock, Nebraska, about 10 miles north of the Kansas border.  After purchasing the 400 acre home place, we found good water and installed a center pivot.  In addition to our cattle herd, we farm 750 acres of row crops and alfalfa.  We are fortunate to have all of our 1050 acres of pasture within 13 miles of our home ranch.



We moved to our present location north of Guide Rock, Nebraska in May of 1997.  We spent the first summer cleaning, burying, burning, and building.  Our lots were designed for efficient handling with a minimum amount of labor.  All of the runoff from the lots runs into a  lagoon that we made when we were building our lots.  We also remodeled the barn into a modern calving shed that has worked  well.



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