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2008 Goldrush Genetics
"Last Roundup" Sale

Goldrush Genetics and
Rasmussenís Gelbvieh Complete Dispersal

Saturday, November 1, at 11 a.m.

at the Ranch óGuide Rock, Nebraska

Sale Day Phone: (402) 257-2200 or (402) 984-1200 (Mikeís Cell)
(785) 547-6262 (Rogerís Cell) (515) 297-0763 (Donís Cell)
Auctioneer: Curt Rodgers (660) 277-4447

Click here to view the entire sale catalog

Welcome to the last round up at Goldrush Genetics. Just a few short years ago I thought this event would be a long way off. The cows and the ranch was my life long dream, but its just time in my life to explore a few different trails.   The cow herd has been built around the best carcass sires in the beef industry with the commercial man and the final purchaser Ėthe consumer in mind. Iíve been A.I. ing for nearly 28 years in this herd and everything in this sale worked for me or its not here. You canít believe how hard it is to sell some of these cows which Iíve been genetically engineering for 28 years. Several years of thought and planning have gone into every generation of this herd, and every one will be offered here. I believe the genetics offered contain the leading edge of technology not only from 28 years of a comprehensive A.I. and E.T. program but a leader in the industry in DNA and carcass testing.  My most rewarding accomplishment as a seedstock producer is watching Goldrush Genetics cattle perform well for others. It has been gratifying to see the bull sales emerge as one that fits the needs of both progressive purebred and commercial cattlemen. Some of the most respected and progressive operations have selected Goldrush Genetics to add to their genetic pool. I appreciate each and every cattleman who has put their trust in Goldrush Genetics.  Iím sure Iíll miss the cattle, but without a doubt Iíll miss the wonderful people Iíve met through the cattle industry. Some of the finest people Iíve ever known Iíve met through the cattle industry. I sincerely hope you can attend the ďLast RoundupĒ on November 1st. But for those who canít attend Roger and I will do everything possible to assist you with a sight unseen purchase or view and bid over the internet.


Thank you very much and I hope to see you sale day.


Sincerely, Mike Hynek


To all my cattle friends,

It had always been a dream of mine to own a herd of purebred cattle, so in 1981 I decided to make it come true. I let Fred Gosch talk me into raising Gelbvieh, and it sure was not a mistake. That winter I went out and bought 12 head of 1/2 bloods, 3/4 bloods and purebreds from several breeders to calve in the spring. That summer I used AI bulls and have used mostly AI since.   I have met many wonderful purebred and commercial people over the years and that is what makes the last 26 years so great. For a man who knew nothing about genetics, I think I have been very lucky. My goal was to raise cattle that had a lot of growth. The average 205 day weight on my calves selling on November 1 is 704 pounds. I hope the people buying my cattle will get as much enjoyment from them as I have.

Many thanks,


Don Rasmussen
Don Rasmussen Gelbvieh


You Can Bid via LiveAuctions.TV!  Register 2 Days Prior to the Sale

A unique internet bidding service will allow you to stay home on Nov. 1 and bid in real time on females and bulls in Goldrush Genetics/ Rasmussen Genetics Complete Dispersal Sale.  Live audio and live video will allow buyers to bid on animals just as if they were present at the sale.  Individuals wanting to bid on Goldrush Genetics/ Rasmussen Genetics cattle now have three choices: 1) attend the sale and bid: 2) use the Sight Unseen Program; or 3) bid and buy via the internet using Live Auctions.tv.  To participate buyers must create an account and request a buyer number two days prior to the sale.  Creating an account is quite easy. You simply go online to http://www.Live Auctions.tv and request a buyer number.   Instructions at the website will walk you through the account setup process.


Offerings include.....
  • 28 Balancer Bred Females

  • 54 Purebred Gelbvieh Bred Females

  • 24 Purebred Angus Bred Females

  • 10 Purebred Red Angus Bred Females

  • 5 Pregnant Recips

  • 20 Balancer Bred Heifers

  • 18 Purebred Gelbvieh Bred Heifers

  • 8 Purebred Angus Bred Heifers

  • 2 Purebred Red Angus Bred Heifers

  • 34 Balancer Frozen Embryos

  • Goldrush Genetics Semen Inventory

  • 2 Herdsires

  • 55 Balancer Bulls

  • 17 Purebred Gelbvieh Bulls

  • 10 Purebred Angus Bulls

  • 6 Purebred Red Angus Bulls

  • 47 Balancer Heifers

  • 16 Purebred Gelbvieh Heifers

  • 4 Purebred Angus Heifers

  • 1 Purebred Red Angus Heifer

  • 66 Purebred Gelbvieh Frozen Embryos

  • Rasmussenís Gelbvieh Semen Inventory

176 Confirmed Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled Bulls & Females Sell

The Breedís First DNA Carcass Tested Complete Dispersal

Click here to view the entire sale catalog

Sample lots include the following:



Motel Accommodations
Rooms blocked under Goldrush Genetics Female Sale. Rooms are scarce in the area because itís opening weekend of pheasant season in Nebraska. Rooms are blocked until October 20th in Mankato and October 13th in Hastings.

  • Crest-Vue Moteló Mankato, KS (785)378-3515
  • Dreamliner Moteló Mankato, KS (785) 378-3107
  • Comfort Inn ó Hastings, NE  (402) 463-5252   


Travel Arrangements Commercial air service is available into Grand Island or Lincoln Nebraska.  Contact your travel agent for reservations.  Both Red Cloud and Superior have excellent small craft airports with paved runways suitable for private aircrafts.  Contact us for pickup.




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