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Goldrush Genetics Semen Sales

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MLH Goldrush Visa J40
Homozygous Black - Homozygous Polled

Born 2/4/99        

Semen  $22.00

  • Visa combines calving ease and growth potential, not to mention maternal strength.

  • Out of an outstanding Polled Midnight daughter that is big volumed and heavy milking.

  • Use VISA to keep calves black, polled, and add tremendous performance, muscle dimension, and eye appeal.

  • Homozygous positive Marbling Gene and positive for Tenderness Gene

  • 15.71 for "GM"  (Grid Merit EPD: expressed in dollars, carcass merit value passed to progeny)  is in the top 10% of the breed

  • 34.86 for FM  (Feedlot Merit EPD, expressed in dollars, feedlot value passed on to progeny) is in the top 1% of the breed.

  • Qualifies for export to Canada.

The new answer for Black Polled genetics with outstanding performance EPD's and industry leading carcass traits!

Several bulls in the breed are positive for marbling, but only four bulls, including Visa carry the homozygous positive marbling gene.  Destined to be a breed leader when you consider only 10% of all Angus bulls GeneSTAR tested feature the homozygous marbling gene.  Research shows that GeneSTAR homozygous marbling will inject at least one positive gene for marbling and that's instant carcass merit!  Visa also features the positive Tenderness gene through GeneSTAR DNA testing.  Now pencil in Visa's tremendous EPD strength - top 4% for calving ease, top 10% low birth weight, top 5% for weaning weight, top 2% for yearling weight, top 15% for total maternal, top 2% for stayability, top 3% for grid merit, and top 1% for feedlot merit.



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